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On 6/6/2012 I released this game originally, and resultantly it not only looks like crap, but reads like crap comparitive to today's standards, with the Itch.io migration I've decided to polish it up and make it CCC-worthy by Easter Sunday, and as I am me, I succeeded.

- Vlad's ABS is the system used, version 9 to be specific, there are very few bugs with this version and the diversity in paths and note tags make it the optimal build.
- Eight Fun weapons of varying and output.
- No weapon-specific Ammo, seriously that shit gets annoying.
- Platforming consisting of a regular jump and a long jump.
- Puzzles that spice up levels and give you a reason to try out each weapon.
- Secrets are hidden around the Heldathian plane, some rather obvious, some more inconspicuous.
- Superjump pads for extended platforming.
- Two Exciting Bosses who will be your progression stonewalls, most likely.
- Items can be bound to hotkey for easy quick use.
- Goes more into the lore of Hellcat, a being in Intelligence who was hinted to have backstory.
- Look into the three worlds beyond.

Unexpected dropped into Heldath, Hellcat as he is called-- seeks out what caused his unceremonious entry into the shores of hell, and then, looking for a way home.

The game takes place in 2101, shortly before Intelligence's plot begins, but a little while after the Perseverance Saga has ended. Heldath is host to several intriguing biomes, including the Blood Swamps, the Frozen City of Everdead, the Ruby Rinecaves, the Sapphire Subterrain, not to mention various Galvanese breaches.

Install instructions

1. Download file.

2. Extract contents of the .zip archive using your extraction program of choice. Winrar, 7zip, etc.

3. Go into the created 'Hellcat Born Again' directory

4. Find Game.exe, and launch!

Happy Easter!


Hellcat Born Again.zip 61 MB

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