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COMING 08/17/17


The best question anybody ever asked! Well, in context of here, Perseverance is an action parkour shooter which originally started out as an experimental project which I made for the first IGMC contest hosted by Degica, sadly I missed the deadline and almost died during my rigorous development process.

But... I didn't give up on it! I released Perseverance: Adherence on Gamejolt in mid 2015, roughly a year after it's original debut as Perseverance.

Originally the game was called Red Rapscallion, but after the trials endured to make the idea a reality, it's new name was given.

Over time the game has become dated in comparison to my other works, almost becoming somewhat of an embarrassment to my typical level of quality-- and so! The final idealization of this project has become the next big step!

This will be the finished build of the game when upon I release it, all the portrait art will be updated, there will be no more naked weirdos, the HUD will look much snazzier, a couple new weapons will be implemented (the Divine Spear and the Ethereal Blade) as well as some new characters, optional bosses, and what remains of the story arc, continuing on The Empress (Act V) and then finishing off with The Devil (Act VI). Many other changes are planned, you will see more of all that soon.


Humans have left Planet Earth, and had done so in 2032, the game starts in the Year 2100, and delves into much of the lore prior to that, it's set in Pep's birthplace, London, England-- and could be seen as a prequel to Intelligence, it delves largely into Pep's expansive backstory, as well as some of his friends and family, such as the sharp-tongued Nola, the elegant motherly Svoli, the cool and aspiring Kara, the quiet sagacious Sven, the enigmatic Sped, and the mysterious Tiramisa.

They are trapped and hunted by a fearsome cult known as the Order of Naxon, who after overthrowing the royal family, took complete control of Britain, the satanic cult have ruled the country heavy-handedly since before Pep was born, and Sped rebelled, quickly becoming a fearsome counterpart, and the bringer of Supreme Chaos, until Esperia, one of Naxon's high-ranking lieutenants, savagely tormented him, taking his eyes, and trying all in her power to break his will.

However, a runaway nurse from Moscow named Svoli heard him scream, and being naturally inclined to aiding the injured, rushed to his aid, and rescued him from Esperia's tower, they became close and had two sons, the red madcap, Pep Cookiedoe, and his surprisingly calm and sagely brother, Sven. They have had to constantly run from the law, but Pep picked up a friend along the way, whether he'd know it or not.

Meanwhile, Sped's mother, and by virtue of lineage, Pep's grandmother, watched events from afar, feeling as if she could not intervene, but tortured by the fact she could do nothing to help, Tiramisa-- the last of the living Royalty.


You got it!

All of them are wanted, and have anywhere from a huge to fearsome price on their head.

All mugshot sketches above are by the talented Zeirt: https://twitter.com/Zeirt