Performance Update

So on one forum I am on someone was having difficulty and looked in the games files, which I have allowed, apparently there was a way less laggy way of doing enemy management and I worked out a new system to make it easier and after secondary testing, unplayable fps became 60, it may be more, but RPG Maker caps the frame rate to 60 FPS.

This however, resulted in behavior where mobs wouldn’t stop frames-ing, but I figured out a solution and have finished going through the whole game and everything works as intended now. I also made some barely noticable typo corrections to acts 5 and 6, as I noticed I missed a couple.

If you were having fps issues, this build should fix them.


Perseverance Full Clearance - Windows Release 637 MB
Sep 05, 2017
Perseverance Full Clearance - Mac Release 638 MB
Sep 05, 2017

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