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Terra (2010) was released originally on the RPGmaker VX platform, after it's endemic failure due to several bad design choices and a lack of my own touch, it quickly was forgotten in favor of Intelligence (2011) which would mark the beginnings of my personal success. Sometimes I felt Terra could have been good had I given it more of a chance, however, it always struck me as such an overly-ambitious game, and Menagerie easily creamed it. With RPGmakerMV's release, I started more or less as a joke, working on a completely new version of Terra built from the ground. The joke however, outrageously backfired, and now I actually really like what I've gone and made. It would be injustice to not let your eyes behold what I've made in... less than a week!

In a world with no sun, three moons orbit to give a perpetual sense of night, this is the world of Terra, a land of magic, wonder and evil. The President of the Atamos Corporation and his 12 Elected officials are seeking to free the Ancient buried Gemini Angels whom were imprisoned beneath Terra's surface in the molten core millennia ago. The people largely object to this, and soon enough Vengeance, a terrifying Dragonar the size of a city is sent by ambiguous forces to deal with the Atamos Corporation and the threat they pose to reality. This backfires when the Atamos Corporation manages to take control of the beast, and use it to keep the citizenry in check. From all this madness, a young girl, barely out of the academy, seeks to free her people from the jaws of tyranny after vengeance destroys her hometown, and the walls that once trapped her along with it-- which allowed her to be free. Now privy of the frivolous upstart, she is hunted by the Atamos Corporation, thus Teratown is the next target of the Corrupted Guardian.

Install instructions

1. Download file.

2. Extract contents of the .zip archive using your extraction program of choice. Winrar, 7zip, etc.

3. Go into the created 'Terra New Moon' directory

4. Find Game.exe, and launch!


Terra New Moon.zip 157 MB
Terra New Moon (MACOSX).zip 166 MB


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This game is cool, looking forward to the full game :-D

Glad you like it! The full game is on the backburner currently as I and my team work on four other massive projects, but once they are done it's very possible I'll return to this.

i did some Trixie art, figured i'd show it since I've never had a chance to draw the character myself 'til now

Just a shortish first look at the game. If you see something you like, then download the game for yourself and give a shout-out to the developer.

I should stop breaking people's perception of reality with cheesy dialogue and week long development cycles.

I'm going to end up driving someone insane.

Thanks so much Whit, absolutely loved the video review, and I was not expecting it at all, you made my easter sunday even more awesome!

As for Tristy, she grows a little as the game progresses, but it is natural to hate her at first, she's near morally bankrupt, and Valin is as Kyoshi says later, one of the only creatures in existence who would be crazy enough to admire her. Nikki tends to be good at making fun of her though.

As for the reason why there's three identical weapons, they just have different attack animations in battle, this was initially released when MV was really new and I wanted to try out a bit of everything!

Also, wicked makes enemies take more damage from holy damage, while hallowed does the inverse. It also does 1% of HP in damage each turn, which isn't a huge amount, but it helps a ton against tanky bosses, especially since you'd be using those abilities anyway.

Being able to walk on the ceiling and walls is definitely a bug. But it's almost tempting to keep it in because seeing people react to it is more fun than being a hardass about it, maybe I'll make a climb the walls minigame, lel.

Also now that you've pointed it out I'm gonna make that creepy doll a boss later. You're welcome!

Response from youtube -

The first bit is really fully up to opinion and why I made sure to mention in the video for people to make up their own minds. Some people absolutely love wall breaking, quirky, off the wall - dialogue. Definitely, wasn't what I was expecting and I figured it was ok to crack some jokes in this first look. As the game didn't seem to take itself completely seriously either. It was a fun recording (all of them, or I wouldn't have completed it) and I'll keep an eye out for games from you in the future. < completely to address the first statement and second statement. **

I thought about not making jokes about the characters, because they generally come from some part of the person (or something in their lives), but once I saw how they spoke and the reactions etc - I figured I didn't need to worry about approaching it with kid gloves.

Well, I have to say - heck. I don't even know how to put it. I read one of your profile things through CCC about people respecting you. I can see why (though at first I thought it was the confidence). I know what happened with the walls, in all reality it shows that you took the time to pull the map out and add your own flair with photoshop/gimp to the map. If, anyone reads this and pays attention - you can see the difference from the itch.io screen shot of the house. I'm also glad you didn't take my eccentric (and slightly snarky) sense of humor in a bad way. Keep up the work. Though maybe less reading up front - obviously that's just my opinion. I kinda liked how the first Grandia handled the dinner setting chats.

Until next time. (That damn doll..lol)

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It's perfectly fine, and i can tell you did enjoy it, hell if you tried 6 times and still ended up recording it that says more than enough, lmao!

The game doesn't take itself very seriously, either. I mean it was made in a week and more or less as a joke, but then i liked it enough to release it.

Also your snarky sense of humour is the sort of thing I dig, and you had me giggling a lot while watching the video, it did make me see that the game was flawed in its ways, but thats half the fun of seeing someone else play it. You also spotted some inconsistencies that I don't, like Trixie stating we spoke once before after previously saying they'd never talked. That can be fixed in the future.